Destination: Wine Mastery

Glass Atlas is here to take you on a tour through the world of wine.
We all know that wine can be confusing. With so many types of wine, their flavor's and notes, and potential pairings, it can be a lot. But not anymore! Glass Atlas will take you a global tour in the world of wine while sending you on your path to wine mastery.
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What Glass Atlas Offers

Wine Tours at Home

Discover vineyards from the comfort of your couch. Each bottle has a story.

Wine Passport

Write about your tasting journey along the way in our Glass Atlas passport.

Ultimate Control

You can customize how many bottles you get, what you get, and when you get them.

Membership Tiers

Tier 1

  • Artisan Wine Pairings
  • Wine Passport & Bottle Opener
  • Subscriber-Only Digital wine tastings offered through Glass Atlas

Tier 2

  • Everything in Tier 1
  • 50% off winery specific wine-clubs
  • 60% off online wine purchases from partnered wineries

Tier 3

  • Everything offered in Tiers 1 and 2
  • Tickets to general in-person wine tastings offered by partnered wineries

Tier 4

  • Everything offered in Tiers 1, 2, and 3
  • Exclusive small-batch bottles.
  • Local winery, exclusive small group wine tastings
Customers can look forward to yearly Loyalty Gift Sets and bonuses for consistent monthly subscribers.

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What Sets Us Apart

Grow Confidence

The world of wine can be complex and overwhelming. It's hard enough to pick a bottle, much less know anything about it. Pairings, flavors, aromas, all of this can be your new norm with Glass Atlas.

We Respect You

Your subscription is yours, pure and simple. We here at Glass Atlas recognize that when you pay for a service, you expect it to fully meet your needs. Because of that, we've made sure that customers can choose how often they receive boxes, how many bottles they will receive, and the ability to switch out bottles on your upcoming box - just in case!

Exploring Rich Histories

In a world with covid, touring vineyards has been nigh impossible. The stories of each vineyard and their owner are unique and wonderous. With Glass Atlas, we provide the full literary tour for each bottle.

Supporting Sustainability

Sustainable practices are not just a positive impact on the environment but are essential for creating a healthy world. All of Glass Atlas's partner vineyards are sustainable and carbon neutral, period.

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Welcome To Your New Life

Private Lessons, Anyone?

Some of us would rather explore new hobbies on our own in the privacy of our own home. Glass Atlas is here for it. With digital wine tastings and easy to understand wine tasting guides, you'll become a pro before the next social event.

Tastings with Friends

What's more fun that sharing a bottle of wine with a friend or two? Get a box and share it with your friends at your next brunch. And if your friend joins Glass Atlas, you can add them to your friend's list and see what wine they like!

Special Moments Await You

Want to see the real thing? Join us for exclusive small group wine-tastings are your local vineyards. Meet other Glass Atlas travelers and continue your journey through the world of wine.


Rainee T.

"My friends used to tease me about not knowing anything about wine. Glass Atlas totally saved me!"

Luke M.

"Glass Atlas has made me the life of every party! Not only can I pick out a good wine, I can pair it too."

Cindy E.

"I only get to travel a couple times per year. Glass Atlas let's me experience global wine all year round."

Tom G.

"My family can't tease me now! With Glass Atlas, I'm finally feeling like the proper adult I am! Thank goodness!"

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